Nylon Filament 101

What is Nylon Filament? Nylon is a durable, resilient synthetic polymer that is highly absorbent. It is used both for material extrusion and powder bed fusion 3D technologies, which makes it one of the most popular 3D filaments. How long does Nylon Last? Nylon is usually sturdier and more resilient than other materials, thanks to … Read more

Flexible Filaments 101

In this article, we will be exploring Flexible material. Flexible filament is an interesting elastic filament in a way that it is the only type that offers an alternative to rubber and can be used for such applications. It has an important place in the entire material library of FDM 3D printing. We will explore … Read more

Wood Filament 101

When it boils down to choosing the type of filament for 3D printing, you’ve many options including wood, metal, and PLA filaments. The availability of so many options could make you overwhelmed and lead you into the wrong choice. To avoid any such scene, you need to take into account various considerations, especially the main … Read more

Head Extruders

Everything assembled and ready to print – just mount and plug in and you’re ready to 3D Print in dual colors or use one nozzle for your 3D Printing and the other nozzle to print the support material!! This is also a direct plug and play option for any MakerBot, FlashForge, Duplicator 3, 4, 4X or … Read more