Best 3D Printing Services ( For Hobbyists & Commercial Use)

Personal 3D Printing Services

Here is a list of the best consumer upload-and-print 3D print service sites(non-regional). They are the major players in the industry. We do not list the companies of prototypes and smaller companies.

3D Creation Lab is the newest 3D printing and rapid prototyping bureau in the UK and is here to turn your 3-dimensional digital designs into actual physical objects.

Accurate, fast, and friendly 3D printing service in the UK. Fast, efficient additive manufacturing, CAD design consultancy and.STL file correction.

Intuitive content creation, capture, and customization Apps make it simple and fun to personalize creations and Cubify them at home on our Cube 3D printer or have them Cubified using their online printing service.

They love 3D printing and make it as easy as printing on paper. Materialize your 3D dream in plastic with 4 simple steps using our online service.

Designers, Engineers, Artists, and anyone with ideas and desire to 3D print products for sale around the world can join Kraftwurx. By joining the community, you can promote your business, 3D print products, sell your products to the world and turn your ideas into reality.

3D printing and laser cutting are made easy. With Personal Factory, you can buy, sell and create custom products. Use the world’s easiest making system to design, make and build your own custom products with 3D printing and laser cutting, and sell them to the world.

Sculpteo offers a 3D printing service, rapid and accessible to all users. From your 3D design, we make a concrete object: interior decoration, figurines, robots, miniatures, models …

Ships physical realizations in a variety of materials of uploaded models. Includes available materials, formats accepted, pricing, tutorials, and support.

Commercial 3D Printing Services

Get the latest SLA, SLS, SLM, 3D Printing, CNC, plastic, and metal casting parts, powered by 3D Systems.

La technologie de l’impression 3d et toutes ses applications à la porté de main, grâce à print value

Established in 1990 and helping create a better and healthier world through Additive Manufacturing. Materialise: Innovators you can count on.

In 2014, Stratasys purchased Solid Concepts and Harvest Technologies to merge with their previous service provider Redeye. The goal was to offer an expansive service bureau.

Solid Concepts is a leading supplier of rapid prototyping, direct digital manufacturing, tooling, and injection molding services, Solid Concepts provides PolyJet, stereolithography, SLA, SLS, HDSL™, CNC, and QuantumCast™ cast urethane rapid prototypes, as well as SolidView® software.

Service bureau for Architectural 3d Printing. 3d printing since 2000 and building models since 1992. They have four large ZPrinters from 3d Systems including the latest 650 full-color printers, in addition to in-house CNC machining and laser cutting.