10 Best Enclosed 3D Printer Options in 2022

Enclosed 3D printers provide several advantages. For example, they offer far better safety than an open-frame printer since they house all the hot components inside the printer shell. As a result, pollutants and particulates do not escape, benefiting both the consumer and ecosystem.

Additionally, 3D printers with enclosures have a streamlined design, exceptional functionality, and higher print yields with high-temperature filaments than open-frame printers. Therefore, choosing the best-enclosed 3D printer for your needs might be difficult due to the large variety of alternatives.

With this list, you can filter down the best enclosed 3D printers.

Regardless of your budget, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s get started.

Overall Best Enclosed 3D PrinterFlashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer
Best Industrial-Grade Enclosed 3D PrinterR QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer
Best Enclosed 3D Printer for BeginnersFlashforge 3D Printer Adventurer 3 Pro
Best Enclosed 3D Printer for ProfessionalsCreality Printer CR-5 Pro Enclosure FDM 3D Printer
Most Versatile Enclosed 3D PrinterFlashforge Dreamer 3d Printer
Most Durable Enclosed 3D PrinterFlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro
Enclosed 3D Printer With Best Build QualityR QIDI TECHNOLOGY i Mates 3D Printer
Fastest Enclosed 3D PrinterComgrow Creality Ender 6 3D Printer
Most User-Friendly Enclosed 3D PrinterFlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite FDM 3D Printer
Best Enclosed 3D Printer for Precision PrintingR QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-PLUS 3D Printer 

Benefits of Using an Enclosed 3D Printer

Here are some benefits:

  • Compatible with several printable materials
  • Safe to use
  • Come with noise and heat loss reduction
  • Better print quality
  • More environment-friendly

Things to Consider When Buying an Enclosed 3D Printer

Here are some things to consider when buying an enclosed 3D printer:

Fully or Partially-Enclosed Chamber

Fully or Partially-Enclosed Chamber
Fully or Partially-Enclosed Chamber

In 3D printing, this is an anomaly since you cannot successfully print ABS or PLA in a partially enclosed printer. However, fully enclosed printers offer a great addition to your safety measures if you’re working with children. In the case of ABS printing, we propose a closed chamber, whereas, in the case of PLA, we prefer an open design. Choose a printer with detachable covers if you want to print with ABS and PLA in a closed setting.

Build Volume

Build Volume
Build Volume

On an enclosed printer, we measure the print volume in the number of pages the printer can print at once. It indicates how many prints you can produce in a given size or format. We recommend printers with high volumes if you want to print multiple small prints.

Material Compatibility

Material Compatibility
Material Compatibility

You can use a wider variety of materials in an enclosed 3D printer because of the ability to maintain a greater temperature around prints and prevent chilly air from entering the machine. Enclosed chamber printers typically use ABS. However, you may also print other heat-sensitive materials like Nylon and PC using enclosed chamber printers. Due to the material’s need for lower temperatures to perform optimally, printing with PLA needs a printer with detachable covers.

Heated Bed

Heated Bed
Heated Bed

A heated bed is an absolute need in an enclosed chamber printer when printing with more difficult filaments like ABS that demand a more steady temperature environment. It minimizes imperfections like warping and curling because of the extra heat source below the print.



You must connect a printer to the internet to distribute sliced prints or fine-tune settings. While an SD card reader is a basic feature on many devices, nothing surpasses a WiFi connection with cloud-based printing and monitoring for convenience.

Layer Resolution

Layer Resolution
Layer Resolution

The layer resolution indicates the smallest possible layer height. The FlashForge Adventurer 3 has a layer resolution of 20 microns, ideal for items with fine details. In an enclosed FDM printer, a layer resolution of 100 microns is normal. It enables you to print a wide variety of parts.



Chances are high that the printer will use ABS if you purchase an enclosed chamber. Toxic gases from ABS aren’t simply smelly; they might also be dangerous. However, filters, such as carbon or HEPA, help remove the most harmful components from the emissions of a printer. In addition, we recommend a well-ventilated area when working with ABS.



An enclosed 3D printer with a touchscreen is the best option for ease of use. Being used to the familiarity of our smartphones, it seems natural that we’d want the same functionality and user experience while interacting with a 3D printer as on our smartphones. As a result, printers with touchscreens are becoming more popular.


Prices for enclosed printers tend to rise because of the additional costs of manufacture and design. Since budget printers are becoming more popular, enclosed chamber printers have become much more economical. In addition, enclosed 3D printers are available for less than $400. In addition, a new generation of expensive professional printers is released every year, too, for those with the means.

Top 10 Enclosed 3D Printers on the Market

1. Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer

Overall Best Enclosed 3D Printer

  • Easy to use
  • Portable design
  • Remote 3D printing
  • Detachable nozzle
  • A flexible, removable heated bed
  • Can print multiple materials
  • Supports very high-temperature materials as well
  • We couldn’t find any flaws with this product

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a 3D printer that is simple to use, friendly to the wallet, and enclosed. The Adventurer 3 is a straightforward, easy-to-use 3D printing experience designed to appeal to those just getting started in the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing).

The detachable nozzle system that comes standard on the Adventurer 3 makes it easy to switch between the several nozzles. The 3D printer comes equipped with a nozzle with a diameter of 0.4 millimeters and a maximum temperature range of 240 degrees Celsius. This nozzle should be adequate to enable you to print using PLA, ABS, and PETG without much difficulty.

You should expect various perks, given that the Adventurer 3 comes at such an affordable price. Hence, the high production volume and the exclusive nature of the program are two of its most notable characteristics. Moreover, the Adventurer 3’s tiny print area is sufficient for printing small to medium-sized items. This small print area enhances the convenience and increases the variety of things you can 3D print without dividing the models.

Compared to the open-source software available on more modern printers, the proprietary software that comes with the Adventurer 3, known as Flashprint, has much more features.

In conclusion, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 is an outstanding enclosed 3D printer on a budget. It performs particularly well when used in schools or for other educational reasons. The simplicity of use and safety features are fantastic for these situations, and the printing quality is superb for the models often used in classrooms.

View on Amazon: Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer

2. R QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer

Best Industrial-Grade Enclosed 3D Printer

  • Reasonable system cost
  • Material type versatility
  • Simplified 3D compatibility
  • Extremely reliable
  • BL Touch Auto Leveling
  • Print speed is relatively slow with the CF material when printing 100% solid parts

The QIDI X-CF Pro offers superior industrial-grade desktop 3D printing. It has an advanced extruder system, excellent accuracy, and an automated bed leveling function.

You can easily print Nylon and carbon fiber filaments using the X-CF Pro printer. With a filament dry box and mechanical motion structure, QIDI upgraded the single extruder system to be more capable of printing carbon fiber materials.

The X-CF Pro also includes an automatic leveling mode. The upgraded software makes the printer smarter and easier to use out of the box. The printer also includes a 5-inch HD capacitive screen with an 800 x 480 mm resolution.

Moreover, the X-CF Pro includes a filament runout sensor. Hence, users won’t have to worry about ruining their prints when the filament runs out.

QIDI has created its unique carbon fiber and nylon filaments for the X-CF Pro. When printing with these filaments, you will get the greatest results.

The printer uses smart fiber reinforced technology while printing with QIDI carbon fiber. So, the material’s strength and heat resistance are considerably enhanced. During the printing process, the fiber mesh structure relieves the internal tension. This feature ensures that the print is stable and does not warp.

In conclusion, the QIDI X-CF Pro is a high-quality, multifunctional 3D printer produced by the company. The X-CF Pro 3D printer is unquestionably a top pick in its class. You can print advanced filaments such as carbon fiber and Nylon using this machine’s high-accuracy printing, automated bed leveling, and simple operation. Professionals will find this printer to be an excellent option.

View on Amazon: R QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer

3. Flashforge 3D Printer Adventurer 3 Pro

Best Enclosed 3D Printer for Professionals

  • User-friendly full-color touchscreen
  • Cloud printing
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Integrated camera
  • Flexible, removable, and heated print bed
  • Tendency to clog

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro is a beautiful-looking 3D printer. Design-wise, it’s simple enough to work in an office or a classroom. Seeing a completely enclosed build chamber further supports our belief that the Adventurer 3 Pro would be ideal for use with children. Closed up, the printer is rather quiet, with most of the noise coming from the many fans.

The Adventurer 3 Pro’s primary selling feature is its ease of use. It includes a spare nozzle assembly and an interchangeable nozzle assembly, making it easy to replace the components.

Thanks to a touch screen, the user interface on the Adventurer 3 Pro is simple and easy to use.

While printing from a USB stick is possible, we found that the built-in WiFi and cloud functions were much more convenient. For example, the FlashPrint slicer on our PC quickly recognized the WiFi connection and was ready to connect and print.

The quality of the prints produced by the Adventurer 3 Pro was excellent. However, we got remarkably good results after we figured out how to avoid layer shifting.

After we did the print, removing the construction plate and lifting up the final product was super easy. Using the flexible plate with a Buildtak-like surface yields excellent, trouble-free results.

In conclusion, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro is a desktop 3D printer ideal for professionals and educational settings. It provides a simple and economic introduction to 3D printing. These elements, such as the automated filament feeding mechanism, the detachable print bed, and the built-in camera, enhance the printer’s ease of use.

View on Amazon: Flashforge 3D Printer Adventurer 3 Pro

4. Creality Printer CR-5 Pro Enclosure FDM 3D Printer

Best Enclosed 3D Printer for Professionals

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Silent operation
  • Sturdy body
  • Large build volume
  • Carborundum glass bed
  • Intuitive touchscreen UI
  • Pricey

The Creality CR-5 Pro is an enclosed 3D printer that prints with PLA and ABS filament and produces high-quality results for its users. It’s easy to use due to the clean, uncluttered interface. A wide choice of add-ons is present, and the LCD touchscreen display allows you to connect to a computer easily.

Two extruders provide you with more flexibility when designing your projects. First, printing several items simultaneously is possible because of the printer’s dual hot-end design.

Consistent and dependable print results are possible with the CR-5 Pro, thanks to its high print quality. To put it another way, it’s not a normal Creality 3D printer, especially at this price point! This printer is for those who want a desktop 3D printer they can rely on to produce high-quality 3D prints quickly and easily.

In conclusion, Creality CR-5 Pro delivers premium design 3D printing with a great enclosed all-in-one design and good printing quality. The enclosed 3D printer has a strong cooling fan to print at high rates. There are no surprises regarding the CR-5 Pro’s print quality; it is consistent and dependable.

View on Amazon: Creality Printer CR-5 Pro Enclosure FDM 3D Printer

5. Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer

Most Versatile Enclosed 3D Printer

  • Easy setup
  • Dual extruder
  • WiFi connection
  • Variety of printable elements
  • Has a large array of customizable settings
  • Generates noise

The FlashForge Dreamer is yet another masterpiece from FlashForge. The printer is safe and precise because of its off-white plastic alloy frame and complete enclosure. It features a front door and a top lid that can be removed, preventing heat from leaving and dust from entering the construction area.

An enclosed printer like the FlashForge Dreamer is particularly useful for printing with warping-prone materials like ABS. Moreover, the printer’s integrated heat management sensor maintains a steady temperature.

Of course, the FlashForge Dreamer’s dual extrusion 3D printing is its most notable feature. Multiple colors and support materials like PVA and HIPS may be used with the dual extrusion technique, making printing more complicated patterns easy.

The ‘patented twin direct drive’ nozzles are at the heart of the Dreamer’s “multi-material” system. When extruding, the filament cools down thanks to a turbofan attached to each nozzle. The FlashForge Dreamer has a nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm, which allows it to print at a resolution of between 100 and 500 microns.

WiFi and 4GB of internal storage let you prepare your STL files for printing in addition to the normal USB and SD card connections.

In conclusion, if you’re a newbie to 3D printing and don’t want to deal with the hassle of assembling and tweaking a 3D printer, the FlashForge Dream is an excellent choice. FlashPrint has a simplistic UI for novices with easy choices for repositioning, rotating, cutting, or scaling your 3D model, making it ideal and super versatile.

View on Amazon: Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer

6. FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

Most Durable Enclosed 3D Printer

  • High-quality printing
  • Excellent durability
  • Can work for weeks nonstop
  • It doesn’t need much maintenance
  • Inexpensive
  • No filament sensor

In the field of 3D printing, the Flashforge Creator Pro is a well-known and well-loved model.

A well-built, completely enclosed 3D printer, the Creator Pro has many new capabilities. Therefore, it is our most durable twin extruder.

With this printer, you get many convenient features: An aluminum construction plate, acrylic enclosure, and twin extruder print head.

The Creator Pro has a steeper learning curve for beginners. However, experienced users will find it to be a solid, well-built machine. Due to its sturdy build and dual-extrusion capacity, this tool costs what it does.

In conclusion, the Creator Pro is a fantastic option for everyone from home users to small businesses and even 3D printing farms. You can use a broad range of materials, and the IDEX function is a rarity for a product in this price range. The Creator Pro is an excellent multi-material super durable 3D printer if you want to get started.

View on Amazon: FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

7. R QIDI TECHNOLOGY I Mates 3D Printer

Enclosed 3D Printer With Best Build Quality

  • Superior print quality
  • Good heated bed
  • Super easy setup
  • Can easily print huge prints
  • Excellent build quality
  • It makes a little noise

The QIDI I Mates has a first-rate industrial design, is made to a very high standard, and is ready to be used immediately after opening the packaging. This 3D printer can produce prints in either an enclosed or an open environment.

The result is better when printing with ABS and other filaments that need closed printing.

Since its inception, QIDI Technology has been unwavering in its commitment to using FDM structures of the highest possible industry standard. The printing concept used by the QIDI I Mates is distinct from the DIY structure.

Printing huge models using QIDI’s method results in more precise and stable prints. The print size of the I Mates is 260 millimeters by 200 millimeters by 200 millimeters, which is sufficient to satisfy the everyday demands of everyday printing.

The I Mates 3D printer has one set of 0.4 mm extruders and one set of 0.2 mm already installed when purchased.

The user experience with the printer is superb and has a substantial amount of UI interface space. A normal and expert mode is present in QIDI slicing software included with every I Mates.

In conclusion, the QIDI I Mates is a pretty good printer overall. It comes equipped with lots of extra features. The most significant feature is that you can use the printer out of the box without any hassle of setting it up. Moreover, the build quality of the QIDI Mates is on point. No wonder it is the printer with the best build quality on our list.

View on Amazon: R QIDI TECHNOLOGY I Mates 3D Printer

8. Comgrow Creality Ender 6 3D Printer

Fastest Enclosed 3D Printer

  • Low price
  • Very large print volume
  • Semi-closed construction
  • A super-fast printing speed of up to 150 mm/s
  • Heated glass print bed
  • Complex assembly

There’s much overlap between Ender 6’s build volume and Ender 5 Pro’s build volume. The Ender 6 sits at 250 by 250 by 400 millimeters of build volume. You can meet the bulk of your everyday printing needs with this printer.

A key selling point of the Ender 6 is its acceleration. Creality claims to be able to move at a speed of 150 mm/s with a resolution of 0.1 mm.

Such printing speed is achievable because of the CoreXY type assembly’s greater printing speed. However, speed alone isn’t a good indicator of print quality.

You can also outfit the Ender 6 with an optional acrylic casing. Creality has used a simple mechanical bracket system to keep the acrylic walls in place.

The printhead is present at the top of the Ender 6. Thus, it isn’t covered. Instead, two front doors allow you to easily remove your produced items from the print bed.

In conclusion, the Creality Ender 6 is a good enclosed printer. It has various characteristics that differentiate it from other printers in this price range. For example, the Creality Ender 6 can print at this high of a pace without sacrificing quality. A high-quality filament sensor and heated printing bed are among the other features included in the system.

View on Amazon: Comgrow Creality Ender 6 3D Printer

9. FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite FDM 3D Printer

Most User-Friendly Enclosed 3D Printer

  • Built-in WiFi
  • Heated flexible build platform locks prints down
  • The enclosed build area is safe for kids
  • High-quality prints
  • The proprietary nozzle assembly is on the pricey side

Compact, quiet, and easy to use, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D printer from Flashforge delivers effortless printing right out of the box.

You require a very minimal setup beside a well-guided five-point aided calibration procedure. Hence, these features make it a great option for beginners or students who want to learn about 3D printing without having to deal with much effort.

Unlike the Pro version, a camera and filament runout detector is missing from the Adventurer 3 lite. Despite these tiny annoyances, printing is still a breeze here.

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite has everything you’ll need for working with ABS and other hard-to-work materials. The printer includes a heated bed that can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius and an ultra-hot nozzle that can reach up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Exotic heat-sensitive filaments, such as metal-fill and wood-fill, are now possible with these enhancements to the printer.

With FlashForge’s 3D Cloud Print, you can monitor your prints from anywhere over WiFi.

Aside from that, the filament bay positioned on the printer’s side can handle all kinds of filament.

In conclusion, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite is an excellent enclosed 3D printer. You’ll have effortless prints and seamless software support with this printer. The printer produces super high-quality prints, is easy to use, and can even print remotely with the built-in WiFi. All these things make the Adventurer 3 Lite the most user-friendly enclosed 3D printer.

View on Amazon: FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite FDM 3D Printer


Best Enclosed 3D Printer for Precision Printing

  • Great filament selection
  • Beginner-friendly operation
  • Easy setup
  • High precision
  • Superb printing performance
  • Bed could have been better

The QIDI X-PLUS is a huge premium 3D printer. Industrial users and serious amateurs alike will appreciate the contained area provided by the QIDI X-PLUS 3D Printers.

The maximum installation volume of the QIDI X-PLUS 3D printer is 270 x 200 x 200 mm. The loudness will not surpass 40 dB if you print with the installation space shut.

The X-PLUS, like its predecessors, aims to offer the user a complete 3D printing environment. Simply feed the filament and adjust the bed level to start with this printer. The X-PLUS even comes pre-assembled.

ABS and Nylon 3D printing need an enclosed build chamber to maintain a consistent temperature. However, the X-PLUS also protects the surrounding environment from potentially dangerous gases. A carbon filtering system in the Qidi Tech X-Plus makes it ideal for the workplace.

Additionally, the printer’s low noise level is a nice bonus. Noise levels are claimed to be under 40 decibels by Qidi Tech, the company that makes the X-Plus.

In conclusion, the professionally built QIDI X-PLUS 3D printer has silent printing, air purification, and WiFi connectivity essential for creating high-quality 3D printing. This machine is as revolutionary as the QIDI TECH X-Max and takes 3D printing to the next level.

View on Amazon: R QIDI TECHNOLOGY X-PLUS 3D Printer

Frequently Asked Questions About Enclosed 3D Printers

Are Enclosed 3D Printers Better?

Yes, they produce better quality prints.

Are Enclosed 3D Printers Safe?

Yes, they are very safe.

Do Enclosed 3D Printers Need Ventilation?

Yes, to avoid inhaling toxic materials.

Final Words

With our selections for the best 3D printer enclosures in 2022, you can print at home or in the office, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, whether you want to save money or get the greatest quality prints.

Our recommendation as the best-enclosed 3D printer is the FlashForge Adventurer 3.

However, if you want a more budget-friendly and durable printer, the Flashforge Creator Pro is your best bet.

Also, if you are looking for the fastest 3D printer specifically, check out our guide!