FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro Review

The FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro is probably the cheapest 3d printer you can find today. Yet its features are advanced, and its results are of high quality.

Have you ever seen the replicator technology from the Star Trek series? You ask the replicator for anything (even food) and it will simply materialize. Nowadays, we’re on the first steps to that kind of technology. That’s because 3d printing is nowhere. Take a look at this 3d printing video to see how it works.

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FlashForge Finder 3D Printers

with Cloud, Wi-Fi, USB cable and Flash Drive Connectivity

Good printer to start your 3d printing journey – Great first 3d printer to own. Simple setup, gets you going on your journey of discovery of 3d printers fast. However it’s a non standard spool size which means you would need to buy a spool holder to get the your hands on standard spools which are cost effective and do an ‘external’ feed. The spools will break as you cross 2/3rd of spool usage . And with the covered pipe for the spool feed, you will sometimes have broken feed and the printer is running. This can get frustrating at times but all in all a fun toy.

The cost of 3d printer technology can be a bit on the high side, especially if you’re a manufacturing company with massive volumes to consider. These things can cost up to $30,000. But nowadays the cheapest 3d printer options cost only $2,000 or so and the FlashForge 3d printer is even more affordable than the others.

But just because the price is cheap doesn’t mean that the quality is cheap too. In fact, the FlashForge Creative Pro has received rave reviews in the 3d printing industry. On the Amazon page, it actually got 89 five-star reviews as opposed to just 2 one-star reviews.

Pros of the FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

So what accounts for this almost universal approval?

  1. Price. No list of FlashForge advantages is complete without mentioning the price, so we may as well put it on this list first. It only costs a ridiculously low $1,349. Just about all its competitors are in the $2,000+ price range.
  2. Dual Extruders. You can only print out items in one material or in a single color when you have a single extruder. Now with the FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro, you have two. You can now print an item with two different materials, or use two different colors. In fact, you can even assign a different job for each extruder so you can print more than one item at a time.
  3. It’s very easy to use. It has an onboard LCD interface that guides you on every step of the setup and the 3d printing process. Couple that with the use of Replicator G and Simplify3D, and you’re all set.
  4. The customer support is amazing. This is also always mentioned by many customers. If you have a broken piece or you think something is wrong, then contacting the customer support gets you instant results.
    One of the many common problems is when you unpack the package and you damage a part in the process. Just give customer support a call, and the problem will be solved.
  5. The build design is also sturdy. The previous FlashForge 3d printer used a wooden chassis, and that led to a lot of heat and noise leakage. Now the new Creator Pro comes with a new metal chassis. It seals in the heat, and also makes the entire 3d printing process a lot quieter. The metal chassis also makes the printer much more stable, and the 3-point platform leveling system enables the printer to remain level in under the stress of high heat.

It also comes with a new and improved z-axis guide rod designed for heavy-duty use. It offers a sure and steady movement for precision.

You can watch the entire process playing out through the super-clear acrylic panel. There’s a soft blue LED light that illuminates the entire process. The acrylic cover is actually there to insulate and protect your prints. Without it, your prints may be deformed by fluctuations in the printing environment.

The electronics have also been upgraded. The earlier designed circuit boards have been significantly improved. It’s also much more stable now, and it reduces the risk of overheating.

It also comes with a heated build platform. It can be heated to as high as 120 C, which allows your printer to use ABS plastic for printing. With a heated platform, the temperature of the parts being printed remains steady. This reduces the de-lamination and warping.

You can use ReplicatorG and MakerWare for your software, along with Simplify. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and, Linux, and you can print from an SD card or over a USB connection.


Of course, there will be some limitations with a 3d printer in this price range. For example, the maximum build dimensions are 8.9mm x 5.9mm x 5.7mm. That’s a maximum build volume of just less than 300 cubic inches or 4.9 liters.

Your choice of filaments is limited to PLA, ABS, and dissolvable natural PLA. This should be enough, although other printers offer a lot more variety in filament choices. After all, with dual extruders, it’s fun to experiment with different materials.

The layer thickness can also be adjusted from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm. This is in contrast to other affordable 3d printers that have a maximum resolution (thinnest layer possible) of just 0.05 mm.
The speed is also nothing to brag about. Supposedly, it can range from 40 mm to 150 mm per second. But you only get acceptable results with the 40 mm/s settings.

The enclosure panels are also susceptible to cracking when during the delivery. A few people have complained about cracked enclosure panels when opening the package, but this is easily solved with a call to customer support.


With the FlashForge 3d printer, the 3d printer cost is now less than $1,350, and with some sellers, you may even get it with free shipping. No longer is 3d printing limited to just well-off companies with a lot of money to spare. Professional freelance engineers and designers can now print out their own prototypes without having to work with outside manufacturers. They can now confirm the validity of their designs in an instant, and with fewer expenses.

In fact, this kind of price tag makes 3d printing virtually accessible to hobbyists. The price tag does come with limitations on capabilities, but for hobbyists, these are just small matters.

All in all, this is the perfect entry-level 3d printer for those who don’t need to come up with large pieces, massive production volume, or quick printing time. If you just need to produce smaller items, and you’re not in hurry, then FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro will give you the best value for your money