Head Extruders

Everything assembled and ready to print – just mount and plug in and you’re ready to 3D Print in dual colors or use one nozzle for your 3D Printing and the other nozzle to print the support material!! This is also a direct plug and play option for any MakerBot, FlashForge, Duplicator 3, 4, 4X or other 3D printer!

Dual Head Extruder is suitable for all 3D Printers (mounting plate is a direct fit for MakerBot, FlashFroge, Duplicator 3, 4, 4X style 3D prtiners)

Dual Head Extrduer – Description:

  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Movement axis speed: 40m
  • Nozzle flow rate: about 24cc / h
  • Print Material: ABS/ PLA / Nylon – really anything you can dream up!
  • Extruder stepper motor model 42HB34F08AB sans-serif; font-size: 18px; line-height: 27px; “>42HS48
  • Cooling fan operating voltage 12V \ 24V optional.
  • Extrusion head heating voltage 12V, preventing 5-9 ohms, 500MM cable.
  • NTC 100K Thermistor B=3950
  • 1000MM stepper motor line
  • Cooling fan 12VDC 0.12A 40*40 Aluminum heatsink
  • Extrusion head voltage 12V, power 40W