8 Best Digital Caliper Options for 3D

Best Digital Caliper

Looking for best digital caliper? Calipers have been around for ages and have proven to be one of the most valuable and precise measurement instruments. Compared to analog calipers, digital calipers offer various benefits that allow you to take precise measurements. To get the most out of digital calipers, read on to find out how … Read more

6 Best 3D Printer Nozzle Options in 2022

Best 3D Printer Nozzle

Looking for best 3D printer nozzle? The nozzle is one of the most complex pieces of a 3D printer since it is responsible for depositing filament on the print bed and bringing 3D creations to life. Despite its small size, the 3D printer’s nozzle significantly impacts your print’s speed and quality considerably. It is thus … Read more

5 Best 3D Printer for Miniatures Options in 2022

Best 3D Printer for Miniatures

Looking for best 3D printer for miniatures? A comprehensive and ever-expanding world of 3D printing is ready to welcome everyone with a bit of passion and extra money. As the sector expands and diversifies, new job possibilities arise for many professionals in medical, education, design, research, and engineering fields. You can now also take your … Read more

What Is a 3D Printer Kit?

What Is a 3D Printer Kit

Not only have 3D Printers revolutionized the manufacturing industry, but they have also fundamentally altered the printing industry. They provide you the capacity to virtually build anything that your computer is capable of modeling and designing for you. Because of the high cost of 3D printers, most of us look for cheaper alternatives and end … Read more

What Is a 3D Pen?

What is a 3D Pen

Tutorial On Drawing With a 3D Pen! Most people know about 3D printers, a technological development that brought massive improvement in the fields of art and craft. On the other hand, 3D pens are relatively unknown to the general population. Yet, these items are effective tools to draw three-dimensional objects and have a fun and … Read more

7 Fastest 3D Printer Options in 2022

Fastest 3D Printer

One of the most common issues with 3D printing is the printing speed. However, we’ve observed that the speed of both FDM and resin printers has increased over time, and you can get some super-fast alternatives on the market for both technologies. As a result, things have changed, and 3D printers have become faster and … Read more

When Will 3D-Printed Houses Be Available?

When Will 3D-Printed Houses Be Available?

Wondering 3D printed houses formally known as additive manufacturing, the 3D printing method brought a storm in the real estate market, with several companies running behind this technology. 3D-printed houses promise the same durability at lower costs. Homeowners can even diversify their designs and build them in a matter of days through 3D-printed houses. 3D … Read more

How to Remove Supports From 3D Prints?

How to Remove Supports From 3D Prints?

Looking for guidance on how to remove supports from 3D prints? In 3D printing technology, 3D printing support structures provide support below protruding areas of a printed object. Without these designs, the free-standing elements in a model may droop, warp, or even collapse during a printing session. A 3D printing support offers design freedom and … Read more

How Long Does 3D Printing Take?

How Long Does 3D Printing Take?

You might often find yourself wondering how long it would take for your 3D model to print out. Unfortunately, it is impossible to estimate the time of any model. 3D printing an object may take a few minutes, hours, or even days. It depends on several factors, like the size of your model or how … Read more

How to Clean a 3d Printer Bed?

How to Clean a 3d Printer Bed?

The printing bed of your 3D printer determines how your results will turn out. In addition, it provides support to your model. So, it demands special attention for its care and handling. This surface is usually glass-based. However, nowadays, aluminum and PEI bed is also available. Knowing how to clean a 3D printer bed will … Read more