Yaya 3D Printing Pen Review

Ever since 3D printers first came out, they’ve captured the imagination of designers and manufacturers by storm. And surprisingly for a piece of new technology, these 3D printers work very well. Learn more about the latest in this kind of technology – a revolutionary product called the YaYa 3D Printing Pen.

According to the latest surveys, 90% of the businesses that use 3D printers report that they’re very satisfied with the results. But 3D printers do have their limitations. They can be very expensive. They take some time to finish printing. What’s more, they depend on complicated software to determine what the final product will look like.

It’s like using a regular printer for official documents. You can’t use printers for doodles and instant fixes, nor can you easily use them for artistic drawings that need freehand. So that means you’ll still need a pen and paper.

In the world of 3D printing, the use of the 3D printing pen is now also possible. They’ve been a hot commodity since late last year. Even now educational facilities are also making use of 3D drawing pens to help design students develop their own products. In fact, the Peters Township Library is using the YaYa 3D pen.

So why choose the YaYa 3D printing pen? In this 3D pen review, we will try to see what makes this 3D printer pen so useful for so many creative endeavors.

It Starts with the Cost

As noted by the media, the usual cost of 3D printers ranges from several hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. Some even cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. One 3D printer from Matsuura Machinery costs $846,000.

So a large part of the appeal of your usual 3D pen is that it should only cost you about $100 or so. And here lies the appeal of the YaYa 3D pen. Find the right sellers online, and the price goes down to just $70. That may even include the shipping costs as well.

Now that’s a real bargain, especially if you’re just trying it out or you’re buying your 3D printing pen for your kids to help them develop their creativity. Even if you find that it doesn’t help you much, at least it doesn’t cost you a lot.

Ease of Use

But you will probably find that it can help you a lot because the YaYa is so easy to use. First, you just need to plug it in your power outlet, and then you wait a minute for the pen to warm up just like you would with a car.
Then you load it with your plastic option. The YaYa uses ABS or PLA thermoplastics, which are heated to become soft and easy to mold, but then become solid after cooling. The use of ABS is recommended because it is generally stronger and more malleable, while PLA is a bit more sensitive to moisture in the air.
Once you load up, you’re ready to begin.

Comfort Level

When you use a pen, you use it to make 2D renditions on a flat surface such as a piece of paper. Using the YaYa is like using a glorified glue gun. You can give your rendition height aside from just the usual length and width.
So for a child, for example, instead of using a pen to draw a house on, they can use it to draw a miniature 3D house. You can teach a young child not just to make squares on paper, but to make cubes in thin air. That can help your kids think in 3d terms more easily.
You can build a tall building, and the process is simple. You just grow the filament that comes out, and then wait for it to cool. That doesn’t take long at all, so the process is grow and pause, grow and pause, until the design job is done.

YaYa Advantages

With YaYa, what you’ll immediately notice when you hold it is that it seems ergonomically designed for your hand. The material is nice to the touch, and the shape of the pen ensures that your hand and fingers are in a very comfortable position. It is light enough that you can easily make delicate forms, and it helps that the copper nozzle measures only 0.7 mm.

It’s thick enough, however, so it remains cool to the touch even if it gets hot inside enough to melt the plastic. The nozzle can get very hot as the melted thermoplastics come out, so make sure that everyone knows this isn’t something you press on the skin. But the YaYa also uses fast cooling technology, so that you don’t have to wait long for the plastics to solidify.

And you also get a variety of colors to choose from. While the range of options doesn’t quite match the number of different colors in a standard box of crayons, the 5 colors offered by YaYa should suffice. The quantity of the filament is also more than sufficient for more than a single drawing project.

YaYa Versatility

As you can already see in this 3D pen review, the YaYa can help kids go beyond flat shapes and enter the world of 3-dimensional shapes more easily. But it’s not just a toy for kids.

In the world of fashion and design, you now have a fast and quick way of showing 3D drawings that can help you explain your design ideas more accurately. You no longer need to use a computer and software for your preliminary 3D printing.

Now you can draw a quick sketch on paper to show a basic idea, but now you can show it in 3D. You won’t have to draw a design from multiple angles to give an accurate representation, because you still need the viewer to imagine what it (whatever it is) looks like. Now you can show your 3D ideas more cleanly.

The regular pen is very convenient for preliminary sketches before you commit to printing out a formal design. The same is true for the YaYa 3D printing pen. You show your design in freehand, so everyone knows what shape and design you’re talking about before you commit time and resources for a more formal design presentation alter. In the design world, this can really save a lot of time and effort.